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Revolutionizing Asset Valuation and Management:


Asset-Backed token, that allows any person to have an independent estimation of their real world assets, that once recognized as tokens, can either be held, exchanged or converted into any other asset on our blockchain. iOS and Android app that offers a wealth of features that empower you to manage your assets like never before.

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special features
STIMA is a revolutionary token with special features:


A "minting" process that allows a continuous new issuance of tokens.

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Exchange between different assets with a common denominator.

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Correlation between the value of STIMA and value of the physical asset.

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Based in the Republic of San Marino, STIMA is certified as a highly innovative entity.

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Our algorithms analyze factors such as brand, model, age, condition, and market trends, with a meticulously calculated appraisal.

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An immutable public ledger that ensures fast speed and low transaction costs.

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MINT your own STIMA token NOW!


There is no other way to mine STIMA than transforming a physical asset. Fill out the validation form with the description of your property, if it respects the STIMA parameters, it’s simple to obtain an estimated amount of STIMA in your wallet!


STIMA tokens can be continuously minted, the process is simple and is open to everyone.

Stima is an asset backed token, based on the Crypto Value Standard

Register your personal CRYPTO WALLET

Available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, your personal CRYPTO WALLET equips you with a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange—everything you need to manage your digital assets.

Upload your real world asset using our form.

Send us all the information of your asset, to pass the validation process. Compile the form with detailed information of your item and Upload a picture with the qr-code on your wallet.

Receive STIMA tokens on you wallet

The asset will be estimated by our team of experts. The estimated value will be accredited to your wallet in locked STIMA tokens. To unlock the tokens the assets needs to be verified.

Stima is an asset backed token, based on the Crypto Value Standard

The process — Behind MINTING.

Install and open a personal crypto wallet.

Complete the application form to estimate your asset value.

Receive an estimate in STIMA Tokens.

Receive locked STIMA Tokens on your personal crypto wallet.

How to


STIMA Tokens?

Any STIMA-token issued is locked until the item is delivered to an accredited certified vault.


Contact STIMA s.r.l. to start the item deposit procedure.


Upon delivery to the indicated vault, a condition report will be issued.


If the property matches all the information provided, the deposited STIMA token is released.


STIMA tokens are unlocked and can be used.


Stima is an asset backed token, based on the Crypto Value Standard
STIMA features


STIMA offers a CROSS PROPERTY SHARING service, developed on a blockchain, an electronic exchange and / or payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, which allows two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a third party.


Step 1

Indentify an asset of interest

STIMA simplifies difficult buying and selling processes such as: negotiation, evaluation, subjective value and market accessibility, by simply selling or buying STIMA tokens on an exchange.


Collect your STIMA tokens

STIMA allows any token holder to access the cross property sharing platform. Tokens play the role of a unit of measurement to quantify the value of a certain asset.


Step 3

Convert to real world assets

You can use STIMA tokens to redeem assets. This process allows for the exchange of assets, without having to sell them according to the conventional buying and selling process. 


The right of property is what perhaps more than any other right interprets one of the fundamental needs of man, that of having a space where one can freely express himself. This space, separate from that of other human beings, is composed of places and things where man can freely develop his dominion, without interference from others.


Backed by love real world asset: STIMA is the first cryptocurrency based on the VALUE STANDARD.

The Value Standard is a cryptocurrency in which the monetary base is given by the value of properties against which the tokens were issued.

STIMA is a crypto-currency that allows the convertion from real world assets into tokens and vice versa.

The minimum capitalization value of STIMA is equal to the total value of the assets that are stored by STIMA.

The value of the properties is determined by the value stipulated in the asset's insurance policy.

The main advantage in adopting this approach consists in the stability of the exchange rates, as the minimum value of the coins does not depend as much on the supply and demand of the same, but on the overall value of the underlying assets.

Therefore, unless the token devalues, under the Value Standard the eco-system will enjoy the advantage of a fixed minimum exchange rate.
Stima is an asset backed token, based on the Crypto Value Standard
STIMA is capitalizedconvertibleliquid


The daily liquidity volume of cryptos globally, exceeds 75 billion dollars, as a result, tokens and assets in our blockchain-based platform - become more liquid.


The combined value of all staked property determines the overall market capitalization of STIMA and the value of every token.


STIMA is a crypto-currency that allows for the convertion of an asset into our token and from our token back to an asset in our pool of available assets.

STIMA Tokenomics, gives a live snapshot of our cryptocurrency.



The Republic of San Marino is one of the leading countries in blockchain technology and digital innovation.

STIMA is headquartered in the Republic of San Marino, a crypto-friendly jurisdiction that allows us to operate with a clear legal structure.

STIMA is Certified by San Marino Innovation

The Republic of San Marino Innovation Institute granted "STIMA - Crypto Value Standard" the certification of a "High Technology Enterprise" with the objective of promoting a novel entrepreneurial culture devoted to innovation in the Republic, supporting employment in key sectors for economic development, fostering a constructive environment for attracting foreign talent and capital.

Our Team

Experienced Management

Our team represents a balance of genuine expertise in technology, information security and the crypto economy, coupled with banking talent that has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

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Maxim Tchmil

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Stima is an asset backed token, based on the Crypto Value Standard

Alex Khamraev

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Stima is an asset backed token, based on the Crypto Value Standard

Alessandro Gherzi

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Stima is an asset backed token, based on the Crypto Value Standard

Tobias Johann Gostner

Chief Marketing Officer

We want to change the world of crypto. Why not join us? Become a member of STIMA team (write about you to


Artificial Intelligence


STIMA SRL is poised to revolutionize the world of asset valuation and personal asset management, with a new application for iOS and Android. Beyond precise appraisals and insightful portfolio tracking, we offer a range of additional services to enhance your asset management experience.

Stima is an asset backed token, based on the Crypto Value Standard


Our sophisticated modeling calculates how your asset's value evolves over time, offering invaluable insights into its growth or decline. You can track its performance, set investment goals, and make informed decisions about your assets.


Our integrated logistics solutions simplify the process of transporting and storing your high-value items. We provide access to specialized insurance options to protect your investments. Plus, through our trusted network of partners, you can securely deposit your assets in specialized vaults, ensuring their safety and preservation.


In a world where the value of assets fluctuates daily, STIMA SRL's innovative approach to valuation and management is a game-changer. Gone are the days of uncertainty and uninformed decisions.
With our application, you gain the power to navigate the intricate landscape of high-value asset management with confidence.
The future of asset valuation is here, and it's backed by precision, reliability, and the unwavering commitment of STIMA SRL to redefine the way you understand and manage your valuable possessions.


Blockchain Lovers

STIMA uses ETHEREUM's blockchain technology

STIMA uses Ethereum's blockchain, a shared and "immutable" data structure. It is defined as a digital ledger whose entries are grouped into "blocks", concatenated in chronological order, and whose integrity is guaranteed by the use of cryptography.

Thanks to these characteristics, the blockchain is therefore considered a viable alternative in terms of security, reliability, transparency and costs, to databases and registers managed centrally by recognized and regulated parties (public administrations, banks, insurance companies, payment intermediaries, etc.)

Stima is an asset backed token, based on the Crypto Value Standard

ETHEREUM Blockchain

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform that establishes a peer-to-peer network that securely executes and verifies application code, called smart contracts.
Smart contracts allow participants to transact with each other without a trusted central authority.
Transaction records are immutable, verifiable, and securely distributed across the network, giving participants full ownership and visibility into transaction data. Transactions are sent from and received by user-created Ethereum accounts.
A sender must sign transactions and spend Ether, Ethereum's native cryptocurrency, as a cost of processing transactions on the network.

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