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Carla Accardi – 220 x 160 cm

Carla Accardi – 220 x 160 cm

200,000.00 STIMA

Asset category: Painting
Artist: Carla Accardi
Title of Work: Confidential Information
Medium / Material: Water-based paint on canvas
Measurements: cm 220,00 x 160,00

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Carla Accardi
Ā (9 October 1924 ā€“ 23 February 2014) was anĀ ItalianĀ abstract painter associated with the Arte Informel and Arte Povera movements, and a founding member of the Italian art groups Forma (1947) and ContinuitĆ  (1961)

Accardi’s earliest paintings were self-portraits, but her move to Rome prompted more experimental work. In 1946, she joined the Italian avant-garde movement. In the 1960s, Accardi started making her first paintings in black and white, focusing on monochromy, color, and shapes. The inspiration for her black and white paintings came from visiting Paris during her one-woman shows. There the contrasting static and energetic work of Alberto Magnelli and Hans Hartung inspired her to begin painting in black and white. These black and white paintings were referred to as her ā€œIntegrazione seriesā€

She transitioned to vibrant and intense colors in the mid-1960s, withĀ StellaĀ andĀ II Stella (Star I and II).Ā She also began using a clear plastic material called Sicofoil, which she describes as “like something luminous, a mixing and a fluidity with the surrounding environment: perhaps in order to take away the totemic value of the painting.” She used this material to makeĀ Tendas, or tents of clear plastic, which she adorned with painted forms. After being exposed to these different forms of art, such as black and white painting and Sicofoil, she adopted greater variety of color once she reverted to canvas painting.

During the late 1970s, she became part of theĀ feministĀ movement with criticĀ Carla Lonzi. Together, they foundedĀ Rivolta femminile in 1970, one of Italy’s first feminist groups and publishing houses.Ā Accardi is considered a key member of theĀ Italian Avant-GardeĀ and her artwork influenced theĀ Arte Povera movement in the late 1960s.Ā Accardi’s first solo exhibition in theĀ United StatesĀ was in 2001 atĀ MoMA PS1.

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